EV Thermal Management Summit 2024

24 September 2024

Bangalore, Karnataka, India


EV Thermal Management Summit 2024

Bangalore, Karnataka, India

Thermal Management Of Lithium-Ion Batteries, Traction Motors And Power Electronics

Aayera is hosting the EV Thermal Management Summit 2024 on 24 September 2024 in Bangalore India, as thermal management continues to be one of the major challenges facing vehicle electrification right now as it impacts everything within the system and is one of the few topics that will really see continued development in the next coming years.

EV Thermal Management Summit 2024 is a direct reflection of where India's EV thermal management industry is right now and is geared to give attendees practical insight and extensive coverage from leading OEMs, Tier-1, and Tier-2/3 vendors on the most important topics in the space right now, focusing on all the different domains that are contributing to thermal management.

Key topics

Li-ion battery cooling: air, liquid, refrigerant and immersion

Thermal interface materials

Heat spreaders and cooling plates

Thermal runaway importance, detection and prevention

Fire safety: regulations and solutions

Electric motor thermal management

Power electronics thermal management

EV Thermal Management Summit Attendee profiles

  • Chief Engineers BEVs
  • Chief Scientists Energy and Systems
  • CEOs, VPs and Senior Managers at OEMs
  • Head of Research, Materials and Manufacturing
  • R&D Engineers Thermal Management
  • Lead Engineers, Electrified Powertrains
  • Battery Research and Systems Engineers
  • Technical and Innovation Managers
  • Group Product Directors for Hybrid and Electric Systems
  • Heads of Vehicle Architecture
  • Senior Managers for Thermal & Manufacturing Solutions
  • Project Leads Electrification
  • Heads of Charging Infrastructure
  • Technical Leads Energy Storage and Systems

Key Practical Points of The Conference

  • Upcoming and emerging technologies for Thermal Management
  • Market opportunities for thermal products and services
  • HVAC and climate control solutions
  • Thermal design and modeling solutions
  • Optimizing thermal management for e-cars
  • High-efficiency climate control systems with a heat and cold storage unit for EV
  • Future fluids for EVs cooling systems
  • R&D in Thermal Management related spaces
  • Future trends in high performance materials for Thermal Management modules
  • How to reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions
  • Fluid management novelties for effective power train thermal performance
  • Next generation, alternative, environmentally benign refrigerants