EV India 2024

18th -20th September 2024

India Expo Centre, Gr. Noida , U.P., NCR, India


EV India 2024

India Expo Centre, Gr. Noida , U.P., NCR, India

EV India 2024 Expo is an International Electric Motor Vehicle Show will provides the opportunity and platform to electric vehicle manufacturers to showcase their latest Products, technology and equipment, Smart and NextGen Transport, electric passenger car, scooter, motorcycle, cycles, buses etc to meet and network with the trade industry as well as end users with the main aim to find out new business and protection of the environment. EV India Expo is the best public interactive platform for resources sharing, product purchase and brand display for the people and industry.


Electric Vehicle Manufacturers

Dealers and Distributors

Direct Buyers & General Public

Supply Chain Organisations

Builders & Developers

Pollution Control Boards

Environment Consultants

Education & Research Institutes

Exporters & Importers

Retailers & Suppliers

Municipalities & Development Authorities

Ministries & Government Officers

Environmental NGO

Government Policy Makers & Urban Planners

Corporate House

Environment Monitoring Authorities

Public Health Departments

Hospitals and Hotels

Consultants and Advisors

Facility Management Companies


Eco Clubs

School, College, Universities


State Environment & Transport Departments

Print and Electronic Media

Trade Media

Public Health Departments

Trade Associations


Electric Car

Electric Scooter

Electric Motorcycle

Electric Cycle

Electric Bus

Electric Truck

Electric Rickshaw

Electric Tricycles

Electric Golf Cart

Electric Train

E- Tractor

E- Boat

Cargo Loader Electric Vehicle

Electric Charging Station and Equipment

Electric Vehicle Batteries Manufacturers

EV Auto Components

Battery Storage Management

Battery Management System

ESS Technology

IOT Devices

Tyre Manufacturers

Electric Components

Renewable Companies


Surface Coating

Powertrain & BLDC Motors

Raw Materials

Software & Technology

Laboratory & Testing Equipments

Banks & Financial Institutions

Insurance Companies

Research Institutions