Conidur Screen

Conidur Screen


Product Description:

A conidur screen is like a grater hole screen, with a raised hole to make a scratch, yet a conidur screen can be utilized to create a littler molecule size. A conidur hole screen is produced using conidur sheet, permitting it to be made with a littler hole size than is accessible with grater hole screens.

Additionally to a grater screen, a conidur hole screen is intended for the processing of especially hard materials, which require a more forceful processing activity than a regular round-hole screen. Commonly these applications will require a square-bar impeller.

Normal applications for a conidur hole screen incorporate seeds, and hard items which are attempting to be recovered, for example, tablets or desserts.

We offer great Conidure Screen to our customers. Our reach is generally acclaimed by our customers for its trademark highlights, for example, sturdiness, erosion opposition and high rigidity. In addition, these can likewise be modified according to the prerequisite of our customers.

Product Details:

  • Product Type: Products
  • Product Price: as per client
  • Product Unit: Pieces

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