Commercial Building

Commercial Building

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Name:Commercial Building
Category:Housekeeping And Cleaning Services
Sub-Category:Termite and Pest Control Services
Nationality:Make In India
Product Price:As Per Client

Product Description:

With the execution of most recent techniques, we provide Microbial Elevated Disinfestation (MAD) Treatment. Disinfection is a cycle that is intended to kill effectively developing pathogenic microorganisms that may cause contamination on inanimation objects. 

Chemical sanitizers and sterilants assume a significant part in accomplishing sterile environment in working territories and other related defenseless regions. Steriguard treatment utilizes a profoundly compelling chemical sanitizer that contains a serious level of against microbial properties. The treatment involves surface and air space disinfection by surface splash and moistening/hazing through ULV or warm haze gear. The ULV mist/fog can reach at all inacessible spots inside the treated zones and hence microbial pollution is dealt with. 

For this treatment we are utilizing explicit chemicals like:- Virex II 256 (Diversey), Infektocide BR 502 (Buzil Rossari), Viroff 753 (Schevaran), Oxivir Five 16 Concentrate (Diversey).

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