UltraSilent Pipe

UltraSilent Pipe

Product Details:

Name:UltraSilent Pipe
Category:Construction and Decoration
Sub-Category:Bathroom Fittings and Accessories
Nationality:Make In India
Product Price:10000

Product Description:

Soundproof, triple layer, push-fit system made of pipes and fittings for soil and waste discharge, at low and high
temperatures, both within the building structure (application area code “B”) as well as buried in the ground (application
area “BD”).

Pipes have a three-layer wall structure with external and internal layers of polypropylene (PP) and a middle layer of
mineral-filled polypropylene (PP-MD). Fittings are made of mineral filled Polypropylene (PP-MD). Materials are halogen and
cadmium free.

Joints are made with push-fit sockets and elastomer seals.

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