Biofuel Expo 2024

05th-07th June, 2024

India Expo Centre, Gr. Noida , U.P., NCR, India

International Exhibition on Biofuel Manufacturing Process & Technology, Plant Machinery & Equipment's and Allied Industries


About EV INDIA 2024

18th-20th September 2024, India Expo Centre, Gr. Noida , U.P., NCR, Indi

Biofuel Expo 2024 - International Exhibition and Conference focus on Bio Fuel (Bio diesel, Ethanol, Bio Gas, Hydrogen) Manufacturers, Bio Fuel Plant 's Equipment's & Machine Manufacturers, Bio fuel Refineries. & Allied Industries is a platform for the major stakeholders of the Bio Fuel producers industry and their buyers to find out the new business opportunities. The expo will provide the latest key trends in national and international Biofuel industry.

Biofuel Expo 2024 will be organized with the main aim to promoting the growth and development of the Industry in India the event will offer so many opportunities for networking and business for the participants from the Biofuel industry. The exhibition and conference will get participation from across the Country and also international Exhibitors from China, USA, Indonesia UK, Spain, Turkey, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Germany and Many more are expected to participation in the exhibition


  • Biofuel (Biodiesel, Ethanol, Biogas, Hydrogen) Manufacturers
  • Biofuel Plant's Equipment's & Machine Manufacturers
  • Biofuel Manufacturing Technologie
  • Bio Refinery (Ethanol/Biofuel) Units
  • Boiler, Steam Turbine & Air Compressor Manufacturers
  • Fabricators & Consultants
  • Research & Development Organization
  • Government Institutions
  • EPC Solution Company for Bio Ethanol Industries.
  • EPC Machinery for Bio Ethanol Plant Manufacturers
  • Beer, Malt, Wine , Carbonated Drink, Starch, Fruit Juice, Alcohol Grain and Molasses, Malt Sprits Whiskey process & Machinery Suppliers
  • EPC solution for Grain Unloading and Milling Section
  • Grain Processing Machinery
  • Pre Cleaner, Vibro Classifier, Destoners, Material Handling, Aspiration System, Hammer Mill.
  • Presser Vessels, Heat Exchanges & Parts Manufacturers
  • Heavy Material Handling & Movement Equipments Manufacturers


  • Industrialist
  • Biodiesel Plant Manufacturers
  • Biofuel Manufacturers & Retail outlet
  • Traders & Suppliers
  • Transporters
  • FPOs (Farmer Producer Organization )
  • Agriculture organization
  • NGO
  • Consultants
  • Fabricators
  • Trade Associations
  • Media & Publications